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”Thank you… thanks. Uh. My name’s Seye Adelekan… It’s really difficult to spell, but, um, come and grab me afterwards… I’ll have a list for you to sign with your email address.”
”It’s called a mailing list!”
”Ha, yeah.”

They’re laughing at the heckler. I’m laughing too, but mine is a laugh of recognition. Empathy. You see, my kid brother has the same problem that I do.

And at least I don’t get people calling me ‘Cher.’

”And how do I spell your name?” Steve asks with a tone that is at once brisk and good natured. He sounds like an awkward man.
” G, B…”
” It starts with a G?” Yes. I think that I might know a bit more about how to spell my name than you do. ” So where does that hail from, then?”
” It’s Nigerian.” Odd. He kind of makes me refer to my name as an entity that exists independently of me. Which I guess it does. Although Steve has just told me that I have effectively be wasting my time in the last week talking to him about booking a show at his venue, I try and stay nice.
” Oh.”

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