Why isn’t this image more reassuring?

In words on May 31, 2009 at 18:53

Am a week in to my first proper tour with Metronomy. This picture comes to you from the labyrinthine Durham Travelodge.

Played in Newcastle last night. Academy 2, I think. Were hanging out afterwards with some of the bands that had been playing in the bigger room (they sold less tickets than we did, btw). One of them is a Brit-hop, kind-of-Mike-Skinner-protogé who shall remain nameless. Actually, not nameless. We’ll call him ET. He provides todays entertainment in separate conversations he had with Joe from Metronomy and my good self.

1. In answering ET’s question about recent changes to the Metronomy line-up, Joe explained that we now have Anna on drums and Gbenga on bass. To this last piece of info, ET’s incredulous reply was a question: ”Is that what you guys call him??”

2. I later got some face-time with ET. The inevitable question about where I was from followed. The words ”I’m Nigerian” had barely fallen from my lips when ET shared this choice observation: ” I had loads of Nigerian friends when I was at university. They all had fake American accents too.”

Real top-drawer guy this guy.

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