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I’ve written an article based on the thoughts behind this mix. It’ll be going up on Drowned in Sound sometime soon. As a longtime DiS reader (I think I first became aware of it in, like, 2002), this is pretty exciting for me anyway. But it’s even cooler to get to write about something I feel strongly about.

The short version is this: we don’t need ‘world music’ anymore. And we don’t need to pretend that international music exists separately from mainstream music. Hell, in most countries, what we’ve been calling ‘world music’ IS mainstream.

Anyway, I made a mix along these lines. Ended up having lots of Nigerian elements, but there’s music from other parts of the world too. Including, y’know, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Musical cast in order of appearance:

Delirious? – Sanctify

Ginuwine – Pony

AiRis – Without You

Bloc Party – One Month Off (Findo Gask Cruel and Unusual Mix)

Wiz Khalifa – This Plane

Drake – Forever

Emmanuel Jal – Warchild (Various Production rmx)


Tigarah – Udault

Omawumi – Ma Fi Shere (ft. eLDee) [OLUGBENGA Edit]


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