In words on March 1, 2010 at 10:44

A while ago, I sat down with my good friend Tom Rogerson from Three Trapped Tigers to talk about music for Platform magazine.

It’s interesting reading it back now. We talked about whether musicians are a reliable source of information (or even opinions) when it comes to theirs or anyone else’s music. We talked about whether artists still needed to engage in traditional promotional activity now there are so many ways for them to have direct communication with fans and potential fans online. We talked about good old fashioned hard work, Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours, Oliver Sacks and the potential power of giving things away for free.

Since having that conversation, I’ve set up this blog as a means of having direct communication with any people out there who might be interested in the things I do. I’ve started doing mixes and remixes that I give away for free. And I’m working a lot harder at music than I think I ever have before. I guess I had all that stuff percolating in my brain when I had that conversation with Tom.

It’s also odd for me to read it back because I was still in my old band Akira. I feel like my life has changed a lot since then.

Anyway, you can click here or on the picture above to read the article.

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