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In MSC, Uncategorized, words on March 5, 2010 at 22:31

have been out of radio contact for a few days… this has mainly been because I’ve been getting ready for the semi-tour that I’m on right now… and then going on that semi-tour.

DJ’d in Leeds last night and Norwich the night before. Lovely crowds, lovely promoters. MAXIMUM FUN TIMES.

Day off in Leeds today… Remember that thing I said about how we seem destined to live out the same lives over and over again? Well, Leeds being a student town if ever there was one, I reckon there’s a strong folk memory on this site:

Also, like I said on my Twitter, I saw some young people hanging out in the street this afternoon playing catch with a tennis ball. And they say the youth of today can’t have fun without their PS3’s and mephodrone. Ha!

A big shout out goes to my new friends Loose Talk Costs Lives who have welcomed me into their enclave of angular art pop happiness for a couple of days. One of them has even given me his room, which I am in right now.

York tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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