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so… while I was waiting to go on in Lincoln, the promoter gave me the ENTIRE TOP FLOOR of the club to myself. For about 90 minutes.

as you can see, my webcam and I went a bit crazy.

Lincoln was a lot of fun. The system in the club was nice and loud, there was a good crowd and I made some new friends. I am actually beginning to think more and more that the best part of traveling around and performing musical acts is not so much being paid to get out of London (although that is nice), but more getting paid to meet new people and make friends I would otherwise never have met.


So, to Seb, Emily, Olivia and Aron… thanks for the tea and chat and giving me somewhere to stay. Hopefully catch you the next time I’m in town.

The DJ gigs in London were also fun. Starsmith tore up the Barfly and I apparently didn’t embarrass myself. So that’s good. And the night before that I got to DJ in an actual bowling alley to a bunch of my friends.

So, all in all… not  bad weekend. Oh, and I moved house too.

Oh, and last weekend we had our first Metronomy show of the year at the m4music festival in Zurich. Here are the requisite crap pictures from my cameraphone.

Switzerland = Francs

They’ve got good signs in Zurch.

Aww. It’s like a family holiday snap. Which, in many ways, is exactly what it is.

Straws for all those giants we saw kicking about.

First rider of the year. A beautiful sight.

Hmm. Have just remembered that this blog is only meant to feature ‘occasional words’. I’ll leave you in peace, then. This week I will mostly be mapping out the five hour continuous mix that I’m planning for my show at the Hospital Club on the 30th. That and working on my first maybe-official remix.


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