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In MSC on May 12, 2010 at 10:15

When I moved to London five years ago, I think Button Down Disco was still happening in little rooms above pubs and their biggest nights were at the Purple Turtle in Camden. Now they do an actual BIG thing once a month at Koko. Fun is contagious, it would appear.

I’ve been going to their nights and reading their mailouts for years… So when Dolly Power asked me to do a set at their Cover to Cover night, I had to say oui.

They also asked me for a list of my ten fave covers. Not necessarily an indication of the kind of stuff I’ll play out on the night, but I had to give a shout to people like my old friend Jeremy (nee Warmsley now of Summer Camp) and my older friend Chris Martin. I’m not ashamed to say he’s been bringing happiness to my life since before his little band had a recording contract.*

It was kind of an indie morning when I sent them my list… what can I say?

* One of the above people is, in fact, not my old friend. Although there is a six-degrees-of-separation-style link between them.
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