In flyers, MSC on August 12, 2010 at 11:07

My love-in with Bangers + Mash continues, this time at the Queen of Hoxton. Will be my first time DJing on a roof terrace… so that’s one crossed off the ol’ bucket list.

Also, I was in Reading on Monday for a really great night called Skint Mondays. Most fun I’ve had DJing for ages. I had the pleasure of sharing the booth with stopmakingme (nee Dan Avery), someone that I regard as an actual DJ. If you’re not familiar with him, you should check out Kill Em All, the night he runs at Fabric with Filthy Dukes. Or any of his mixes and remixes. Anyway, he’s someone that I really respect, so this made me smile. A lot.

As it turns out, when he worked at Pure Groove, Dan actually stocked some Akira records and wrote nice stuff about us. Didn’t work it out till we’d decoded each other’s superhero identities. Small world, eh?

Oh, and speaking of Akira, this is something that my old bandmates are up to: 00000000.

I was just reading an article in/on the Guardian about this kinda thing, actually.

Un-Googleability aside, though… Have a listen. Sarah and Joel continue to make cool music.

Only nothing is impossible, indeed.


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