MISTAKES MK 3 / speaking in tongues

In remixes on March 1, 2011 at 01:00


exciting things afoot. so exciting in fact, that I’ve been neglecting the blog.


above you can find the remix I did of Error Operator’s Mistakes Mk3 as a way of saying thanks for the great re-imagining he did of Like An Angel With No Mercy.

it’s on a nifty little iTunes EP that’s onsale here now and also includes remixes from worriedaboutsatan (NO CAPS FOR THOSE CHAPS) and Magnavolt.

i did some singing on this one, which is always fun.

also just putting the finishing touches to a Napoleon IIIrd remix which should be making its way to your ears before too long.

picked up the keys to a studio I’m going to be sharing with this dude. No more complaints about sub-bass from my neighbours.


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